Fed up of creating new digital documents?

How often do Am Dram & non professional musical theatre companies have to re-create the same documents?  We’re doing it all the time!

My society Eldorado Musical Productions have just performed The Producers and it struck me that every future production would have to create the posters we made or the mock programmes etc.  And while this gives someone in the society a chance to show some creative flare, there aren’t always the volunteers and it falls to the same hard working individuals who are already busy. Sometimes it is just easier to buy someone else’s design and print them out! They are essential to the scene in the show but are you getting value for money in the time it will take you to create them?

So I decided to sell our designs to save future companies the aggravation and hopefully make the Director & props coordinator’s life a little easier.  I will add to this site as I create each digital version for our shows or contact me for a specific design and I can give you a quote.

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