Stepping Out

I have very fond memories of performing in Stepping Out at the Edward Alderton Theatre.  Now I come to think of it, it was where my love of creating digital props began.  When I started this website for selling The Producers digital documents, I searched back through my files and sure enough I’d kept the posters I made for stepping out.

I feel I should explain the style of the posters below. Stepping Out is a period play set in the 1980’s so these posters are designed with that in mind, there would not have been the graphic design tools that these local community groups would have used for the notice boards.  That said, I have updated the images with appropriate photo’s that are free from copyright for commerical purposes from pexels.

The script that I brought from Samuel French has a detailed furniture and properties list at the back of the book including pre-set requirements.  However, I have typed up a props list so you can easily see if you have all the items mentioned in the script…. there are a few!

You can purchase the items separately or as a bundle for £25 (choose from the drop down menu below).

Props List £7 – Mavis Turner tap class £3 – ILEA charity dance show £3 –
Sea Scouts poster £3 – Fitness class poster £3 – WRVS poster £3 – Dance class poster £3
Class attendance register £3.


I will send you an invoice once I receive your request and once payment has been received I will email the documents to the email address provided.


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