The Producers

Eldorado Musical Productions performed The Producers in March 2018.  This is the show that started my idea of selling on the digital props from the show.  All these documents have been created personally using photos from Pexels so are free from copyright issues.  If you don’t see something you think you will need then please use my contact page to request information and I can give a quote.

There are 2 documents for Funny Boy & Springtime for Hitler, a poster as well as a programme.  We used a programme for the Opening Night number held by the theatre goers and the Usherettes.  This is best printed on glossy paper.

For Ulla’s resume, I’m happy to add the headshot of your actress included in the price.  Please email to

The postcard for Rio is one sided only and would need to be handwritten on the other side.  This is for ease of printing.

I’ve included the Newspaper headlines but this is best printed to size for the papers you will be using and cut out accordingly.

All documents are in word and editable apart from the props/furniture list which is in excel.

Click my Contact page and select the documents you require.  I’m doing a special bundle for all documents at £25 unless you’d rather purchase individually and prices range between £1-£5.



Our production used back screen projection for the final scene so I do not have any posters of the Bialystock and Bloom posters; Prisoners Of Love, Maim, Katz, 47th Street, South Passaic, High Button Jews, Death of a Salesman on ice, A street car named Murray, She shtupps to conquer or Funny Boy 2.  If you would like to commission a poster for these please email



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